The Score : FAQ

How does the Booking process work?

48 hours or less after we receive your booking request, a Hip-Hop House Party (HHHP) concierge will reach out to you for a free party consultation to work with you to create the optimum party experience for your event.

Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive a confirmation with booking information and a step-by-step layout of your specialized party details. HHHP Concierge will be available to answer any questions you may have between now and the date of your event.

1 week prior to your event our HHHP Concierge will again contact you to confirm "all systems are go" - we will request final party details, and provide you with the contact information and names of your MCs.

What can I expect at a classic "Gold Level" Party?

After your booking has been completed, and you have communicated with your Hip Hop House Party Concierge to complete the booking process - the Lead Party Producer will contact you the day before your party in the event you need to confirm any last minute details.

Day of the event, the team of Party Producers assigned to your event will arrive 1 hour before the event commences to set up all the equipment and run a sound check.

Once sound check is complete, you will be given the "green light" to allow party goers into the party area.

Rest easy as your Party Producers have the party swinging with some pre-party music.

NOW it is time to get the party started! Lead Party Producer (your personal MC) will make a welcome speech explaining the proceedings that are about to unfold, and with that the song making will commence!

For a standard 90-minute private birthday party there will be two (2) 35 minute recording sessions with a 20 minute interlude in-between sets (this is usually a good time for Cake!).

After the final 35 minute recording session our Party Producers will pack up the sound equipment, (this is an ideal time for presents or any other festivities you had planned on the special day).

Your guests will receive their recorded track from your house party via parent or legal guardian email - and a full copy of the mixtape will be sent to you within 24 hours of the event to enjoy for years to come!

What's the Mixtape all about?

During the musical sessions we record each child's original track separately with our live mobile recording studio. We then will either send the recording to the parent's email or will create a mixtape playlist that will be given to the Party Host and Birthday Kid for listening and keepsake purposes. We have found that these mixtapes serve as a unique reminder of the event and to the special day, serving as a one-of-a-kind time capsule.

Who else has access to the Mixtape?

It's important to know that HHHP does not share or make public any of these tracks to any third parties without the legal guardians request and consent. In addition, any sale or reproduction for commercial or production purposes without the express consideration of the owner and operator of HHHP is strictly prohibited.

Venues - Can I have the Party at the event of my choosing?

Yes! Hip-Hop House Party (HHHP) prides ourselves being uniquely able to adapt to almost any playing area (Indoors or Outdoors). All we need is access to electricity and room for two 6-feet foldable tables. Our party producers can figure out any other specific needs in our free booking consultation.

What should we wear?

Party Goers should Be comfortable and rock their favorite outfit to dance in.

Is there an age limit?

Our services are intended for children between the ages of 3 and 15. However, we will accommodate any child under the age of 18 who would like to participate.

Can I reschedule our event?

We will accomodate (whenever possible) a change of plans if HHHP is given 1 weeks advance notice (7 days) prior to the day of performance to avoid forfeiting your deposit. We will work with you to reschedule your event to a date that works for all.

Is HHHP insured?

Yes! We are and would be happy to provide you with our certificate upon your event space's request.

Do you provide party favors/goody bags?

Yes, for an additional fee we can offer a custom party bag service/party favors. HHHP Party Bags include a mix of trading cards, temporary tattoos, peanut free individually wrapped treats and fashion accessories.

Do you provide invitations?

Currently we do not offer paper invitations, but we do offer an email template to provide to your guests. Check back soon for updates!

Do you supply party decorations?

Currently we do not offer decorations. Check back soon for updates!

Does everyone have to rap?

Though we encourage participation and engagement, guests are in no way obligated. Our Lead Party Producers specialize in guest engagement and have encouraged even the shyest of budding superstars to shine! We will ask if they have a topic they would like us to do a song about, and take it from there.

What if my kid wants to sing a song from "Frozen" can you accommodate?

While we won't always have the specific music required to perform the song in question, we will always give a microphone to a child who wants to sing when it is their turn. We will do our best to enrich their experience, but more importantly we will make a recording of their version as a memento.

What makes you party different from other DJ or Karaoke services?

We offer a truly unique opportunity to engage party goers directly with interactive performance flow, catering to each guests individual requests. Our strength is combining audience participation/ engagement with musical production and immersive learning. We take the party DJ to the next level with a focus on inclusivity which allows kids to break the fourth wall and go behind the DJ decks, creating the music for themselves with our mobile dj console and mobile recording studio.

What exactly IS an MC?

MC stands for master of ceremonies. Your HHHP MC gives your budding superstars the power of choice combined with our MC's adaptability to create original content! The original tracks created with our mobile recording studio will include each Child's Name and choice of song topic which allows for a sense of play through freestyle improvisation that supercharges the atmosphere with a "what will happen next" environment, which leaves party goers riveted.

Kid learning to DJ